Audacity Chutzpah, Ginger Blush, Shirley Windmill and Hotcake Kitty put an entirely new, or rather an entirely old spin on street dance in this vernacular spectacular!


They also do more 'traditional' morris dance - book em for your event/festival! Available as a 2, 3 or 4 piece troupe.

A selection of my solo acts:

Audacity's Signature Act! A Hundred Years of Women's Liberation in Six and a Half Minutes... This act does exactly what it says in The Suffragettes, WW2, the 60s, the 80s, the 90s, the 00s, right up to the present day, this act has it all! "the clown maven's breath-taking, multi-costume tour de force...Chutzpah brilliantly metamorphosed into Rosie the Riveter, a hippie chick, an 80s material girl and other archetypal guises rendered with ingenious cheek..." The Erotic Review



 Save me! Stranded on a desert island air stewardess Audacity demonstrates her many attempts to attract attention from passing planes and ships. After more than 1000 days though, things really aren't looking good...


  A Visitor from Narnia... Audacity the faun climbs through the wardrobe from Narnia and inadvertently finds herself in the middle of a cabaret show... Fauns love to entertain and Audacity finds a very novel way of doing this with fully edible fans. And you know how goats like to eat everything... "uproarious...gotta love a fan dance that sends lettuce leaves flying over the audience..." Erotic Review Magazine


Rude Britannia A cute, beautifully styled, cheesecake burlesque act with a very, very unexpected twist... Ever-resourceful, of course Audacity finds a solution!



  She-ra Princess of Power!  A clownesque take on the mighty superhero icon. She actually flies and everything! "The burlesque clown performs an audacious tribute to the Princess of Power herself complete with majestic flying scene to be marvelled at" Ministry of Burlesque


Homage to Carol Vorderman A moving, very funny retelling of Carol Vorderman's final swansong on Countdown, as she gradually takes off herself and becomes the new presenter Rachel Riley - complete with Numbers game and Countdown Conundrum! Carol will not go quietly! "Picture Perfect" Debased Magazine